STORM (Germany)

StormStorm started b-boying, popping and locking at the age of 14. His first tour was for ‘Bravo Breakdance Sensation 84′. Storm continued to study his dance styles and connected with other b-boys from around the world, constantly staying creative and productive throughout the late 80s. By 1991 his crew, Battle Squad was one of the world’s leading b-boy crews and thanks to them and other seminal crews from the 90s, the art of b-boying remained strong. In 1991 and 1992 Battle Squad won Battle of the Year.

From 1992 onwards, Storm danced with the New York dance Company, ‘Ghettoriginal’. He performed shows in Washington’s Kennedy Centre and in New York’s Lincoln Center. While living in NYC he regained his feeling for the funk by working with Mr Wiggles. He has also hosted the hip hop magazine show ‘Freestyle’ on the German TV channel, Viva. In 1996, he decided to form a dance company in his hometown Berlin which was called ‘The Storm and Jazzy Project’. Storm now tours the world performing solo shows and judging at major events. Storm is also part of the team developing the new Undisputed judging system.


Poe OnePuerto Rican born Poe One is currently based in Australia after relocating from the USA. He is a member of Rock So Fresh, Zulu Kingz, and Style Elements crew. Poe One is part of the first generation of b-boys and is one of the most respected pioneers in the world. He stands by the ethos of “Each One, Teach One”, regularly providing fundamental skills in foundation to aspiring dancers across the globe.

Poe travels far and wide to perform, teach and judge and has played a big role in many of the world’s top events including R16, Battle of the Year or the Red Bull BC One.

Poe has also had a great deal of commercial experience touring with international music artists, featuring on TV shows and performing at live events such as the Grammy Awards and MTV Music Awards.

LAMINE (France)

LamineLamine is a B-Boy from Paris, France. He is co-founder of the legendary Vagabonds crew, of which he has been a long time member and key figure. Lamine began B-Boying around 1991 when he was inspired by the great French dancers, such as Paris City Breakers, Fantastic Four, Aktuel Force and The Family. He’s now one of the most influential and respected B-Boys in the world circuit, involved in judging, organizing competitions, dance theatre productions and teaches B-Boying all over the world. Lamine is also part of the team developing the new Undisputed judging system.


RenegadeRenegade has a long history in UK Hip Hop. He began popping, breaking and locking back in 1982 and started scratch DJing and producing in 1987. In the earlier part of his career, Renegade was DJing for UK lyricist Blade and his own group, Son of Noise, releasing various records and touring extensively. Renegade is one of the original members of the world renowned Scratch Perverts, considered one of the best scratch DJ collectives of their time. He is also currently a member of the Extended Players DJ collective.

Renegade has travelled all corners of the globe and played at all the top international b-boy events including Red Bull BC One, R16, Battle of the Year, Freestyle Session (US, Korea, Japan, Europe), B-Boy Summit, KOD China, Mighty 4 and IBE. Renegade is also a well seasoned judge and teacher, sharing his knowledge and insight around the world. With such a large wealth of experience and accolades, he is one of the most respected dance event DJs on the planet and the UK’s finest! Renegade is also part of the team developing the new Undisputed judging system.

TAKEO (Japan)

TakeoTakeo is one of the pioneers and first generation of b-boys in Japan. He has been a member of Spartanic Rockers since 1997.

The crew is well known in the b-boy scene and globally renowned for their creative shows. Takeo has achieved numerous titles with his crew over the years. In 1998 Spartanic Rockers won the UK B-Boy Championships beating the USA’s Style Elements in the final and went on to also win International Battle Of The Year 1998 a few weeks later.

He has owned his dance studio Studio Faith in Tokyo since 1996 where new generations of dancers build their skills every day. Since 2004 Takeo has been organizing major events throughout Japan including qualifications for the UK B-Boy Championships.


Buddha StretchHailing from Brooklyn, New York, Buddha Stretch is one of the founding members of the world famous Elite Force Crew. Buddha Stretch is credited with being one of the first hip hop choreographer/dancers to teach in a mainstream dance studio when he started teaching classes at the Broadway Dance Centre in 1989. Stretch heavily impacted the dance world by bridging the gap between “Old Skool” and “New Skool” dances. He helped initiate the rise in popularity of freestyle hip hop and hip hop choreography in music videos and live shows.

Stretch’s first music video was for Eric B and Rakim’s “Eric B for President”. His first choreography job was for Joeski Love and he went on to work with the likes of Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and many more. He was nominated for MTV Awards for Best Choreography for the Will Smith videos “Men In Black”, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and “Miami”. Stretch is versatile and multi-talented and is also an MC, writer and has a wealth of creative accolades under his belt. Always at the forefront of new ideas Stretch continues to show why he is a true Hip Hop pioneer.


Damon FrostAmerican popper Damon Frost aka the “Ruberband Man” started dancing in the streets of San Francisco in 1981 and has since taken part in numerous dance shows, tours and TV shows with famous artists all around the world. In 1987 he moved from Berkeley, USA to Stockholm, Sweden and had the biggest influence on the popping and waving scene in Europe.

From winning Juste Debout 2003 in France, to judging at Battle of the Year 2004 in Germany, Damon’s international success and strong level of commitment have made a huge impact in the dance world. Damon’s artistic talents have no end, alongside dancing he is a BMXer and renowned music producer and is more than worthy of his legendary status!

DEYDEY (France)

DeyDeyDelphine “Dey Dey” Nguyen has been dancing since the age of 8, starting with hip hop as her first style. In 2001, she decided to pool her focus into her popping and locking and specialise in the funkstyle dances. Over the past decade Dey Dey has been learned from the pioneers of her art, the Electric Boogaloos, the Original Lockers and the French OG’s. She is one of the top female poppers in the world and travels far and wide to teach, compete, perform and judge.

Dey Dey made popping history when she became the first female World Popping Champion after winning the 2009 UK B-Boy Championship solo popping battle and Juste Debout in 2010. Dey Dey has since worked with numerous performing artists including the likes of DJ Martin Solveig and Katy Perry. She has also performed with the dance company Montalvo-Hervieu, and is playing the role of Yoyo in the movie Streetdance 2 3D which will be released in March 2012.

NIAKO (France)

NiakoNiako began dancing in 1997 while studying Art in Paris. He was deeply inspired at this time by Michael Jackson and went on to pursue training in Hip-Hop and B-Boying. Niako joined the Daltons Possee with whom he developed his skills further and had the opportunity to dance in key hip hop events and theatre shows such as “Encounters Urban La Villette” and “Suresnes Cities Danse”.

In 2001, Niako attended the International Dance Academy school to study classical dance, contemporary and jazz. He also performed in the musical of the “10 Commandments” alongside the many great French choreographers and hip-hop dancers including Pfly, Bruce Ykanji, Dedson, Yaman, Physs, Sandrine Vandeveld & Stephane Loras. This experience enabled Niako to develop an open mind and refine his technique. He has since become a full-time professional dancer & choreographer and worked with a wide range of people and companies including Kamel Ouali, Adidas, Puma, Artoba and R’n’B & hip-hop music artists.

Niako is known worldwide for his incredible performance skills & choreographic creativity and is a well seasoned and respected judge.

KAPELA (France)

KapelaFrench dancer Kapela is a member of the world famous Serial Stepperz and Wanted Posse and specialises in Toprock and House Dance.

Kapela started Breaking In 1999 and his unique musicality meant that he was noticed during toprock and footwork battles at big events such as Street Star in Sweden and the Black Sea Contest in Russia. In 2004 he joined the International Dance Academy (IDA) and during his 3 years there, he grew artistically and technically. A major turning point in Kapela’s personal and artistic life was when he met Babson from Wanted Posse and discovered House Dance. With all of his experience and training, Kapela innovates by mixing together the all of his influences to create is renowned style.

Kapela has competed and judged worldwide and is undoubtedly one of France’s greatest exports. His international reputation is well established, and he although he has already achieved many top accolades, Kapela believes that the best is yet to come.

CLARA (France / UK)

ClaraClara specialises in House Dance & Hip Hop Freestyle.  Hailing from Paris, France and now based in London, UK Clara has danced alongside famous dancers and choreographers such as Brian ‘Footwork’ Green, Jazzy Jay (NYC), Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky from Berlin, Nasty & Hugson from France and many more. 

Clara has been instrumental in promoting the House Dance culture here in London through her creative workshops at both Pineapple Studios, Studio 68 and Breakstation and most recently in producing the official UK qualifier for Juste Debout.  Clara became a Nike Athlete after winning the Nike Danceclash solo competition in 2007 in London. Her talents as both a dancer and choreographer have led her to build an international career that continues to grow from strength to strength.